Time to change things up

Posted: January 24, 2014 in Bloggers, Editorial
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So a little real life for everyone. This week the job front decided to pull a fastball on me with a future office closure. I have a month before the doors shut for good. (Feb 21st) Time to find some place new.

I am going to use my real skills and talents to find myself a better career path. I feel for far too long I have ignored my true callings and passions. I have my sights set on Technology. I would love to get into the tech world. I find the products and procedures much more forthcoming and inventive. In the upcoming months I will be researching, formatting, and striving to enter a new world and endeavor for myself. It’s a little scary to say but what good things aren’t?

I think the Business Analysis job path with goals towards Project Management is where my heart is set. Lots of new jargon and lingo to learn but I’m happy to be excited at the prospect of enjoying work again. I have a few skills to brush up with as they are not used in my daily life but regardless of it all I’m optimistic and excited.

Sometimes life just happens to put you on the path you should have been all the while. I am going to enjoy the journey and hope for a brighter tomorrow.


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