Update on the mobile keyboard front

Posted: December 3, 2013 in Bloggers, Editorial, Rant, Tech

My last post was when I moved to using physical keyboard enabled phones to the Note 2. What better way to start a refresh than to write about how it has been.

The Sidekick 4g I replaced sits in front of me, it has been called back into duty as broken screens are replaced, I remembered my love for physical keyboards as I set it up for the misses. Right now I continue to use it’s Note 2 successor abs it’s even the device I’m writing this post from. I have to say it’s been a journey.

First things first, my touchscreen isn’t better. I’ve gotten more use to it but overall using a touchscreen is not a better experience than typing, it’s just different. I find at times it has it’s own nuances and difficulties that make the experience always unique to itself. I find it consistently problematic that my keyboard is much closely tied to software causing the normal limitations. Phone slowing down? Well say goodbye to the urgency of that message. But I guess these are troubles billions go through I’m just late to the market.

I primarily use Swype as my keyboard of choice. The input method and keyboard are to my liking and simulate the speed I have typing. With it, comes errors and retypes as proficiency and speed duel each other out. It makes me wonder if the squiggles I use to input words make a language of their own, but that is a post for another time.

For the most part it works, and it jettisons the costly and heavy physical keyboard. Plus in a touchscreen generation it’s a needed experience. I miss my keyboard and every time I use my laptop or desktop I’m thankful for its input. How long until those as well go the way of the floppy disk? I guess time will tell. Until then I will continue to miss my keyboard.


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